Paintings can mediate healing.

We dwell in a world saturated with echoes of immense beauty.

Reverberations of glory are manifest in and through this world; in the landscapes and seascapes of this world, in its towns and cities.

The cultures of this world express the anticipation of richness and variety; genuine goodness.

In this midst each person, analogous to her neighbors, dwells in expectation for a unique becoming.

We exist in a world fractured.

Remnants of glory wane in this place; in nature and in city.

The cultures of this world express repression; corruption.

In this midst each person, complementary to his neighbors, verges on the indistinguishable.

Paintings can dwell within the saturated beauty of hope that remains in the midst of our fractured world;

Paintings can participate in the restoration of our world; infusing it with a hope for glory

Paintings can envision for cultures the goodness of our world’s becoming;

Paintings can enrichen human experience.

Paintings can mediate healing.